Musk’s Urgent Warning

( – Openly expressing his feelings about the current situation, Elon Musk raised serious concerns over the decision to convert New York City schools into temporary housing for illegal aliens.

Highlighting the pressing issue of the city’s dwindling accommodation resources for its growing migrant population, Musk’s remarks came in response to the news that students at James Madison High School in Brooklyn were shifted to remote learning as their school was used to shelter migrants.

Musk, commenting on a video shared by LibsofTikTok, which showed migrants being transported to the high school, expressed his alarm: “This is what happens when you run out of hotel rooms. Soon, cities will run out of schools to vacate. Then they will come for your homes.”

His statement echoed the sentiments of many who are concerned about the prioritization of migrants over local residents and students.

LibsofTikTok, highlighting the issue, posted, “School is closed tomorrow because illegals will be sleeping in the school’s gym. This is disgraceful! NYC is prioritizing illegals over Americans.” Musk supported this viewpoint, emphasizing the dire situation: “They’ve run out of hotel rooms, are kicking kids out of school for illegal housing and now they want your homes too.”

This situation is reminiscent of another incident in Massachusetts, where Governor Maura Healey, facing a shelter crisis, asked residents to consider housing migrant families. This request was made as the state’s shelter system reached its capacity, a sign of the growing migrant crisis affecting various states.

New York City Council Minority Whip Inna Vernikov also voiced her concerns. In a statement released earlier, she highlighted the disruption caused to the educational environment at James Madison High School, which has around 4,000 students.

Vernikov pointed out that the school, meant to be a place of learning and growth, was being misused as an emergency housing facility. She underscored the anxiety among parents and local residents regarding safety and well-being, calling for an immediate halt to the use of public schools as migrant shelters.

Vernikov’s statement also mentioned the logistical challenges, including the need for the students to wake up early and leave the school to make room for migrants, highlighting the lack of foresight in using the school in such a manner.

The situation at James Madison High School has drawn attention from various quarters, including New York State Assemblyman Mike Reilly.

Reilly criticized the decision to use the school as a shelter, especially in light of the challenges posed by inclement weather and the impact on students’ education, particularly those preparing for crucial exams.

He emphasized the lack of preparedness, citing his earlier efforts to introduce a bipartisan bill to prevent schools from being used as migrant shelters.