MTG Wants Biden Impeached for THIS

Marjorie Taylor Greene

( – Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) said she may move to force a vote on a vote on impeaching Joe Biden over the crisis he created at the southern border.

This threat came as Biden prepares to unveil an executive order to strengthen border control measures between the U.S. and Mexico in an effort to score political points ahead of the elections.

Greene claimed that she intended to initiate a vote on her articles of impeachment sooner than expected but decided to postpone the action to first confer with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

“Right here, privileged resolution of impeachment,” Greene told reporters, dangling the articles.

“I can force a vote this week. But you know what, I was gonna do it tonight but I decided I’m gonna go talk to our Republican elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, that I actually voted for that claims he supports Trump, and ask him if he’s gonna do something about it,” she added.

When pressed on the potential outcome if Johnson declined to bring the articles of impeachment to the floor for a vote, Greene stated that she would force a vote.

She continued, “[I]’ll just drop them on the floor and then we can vote and see where everybody stands,” she said.

“I’m mad. I didn’t come up here to hang out with everybody and go ‘oh, hey, guys.’ I mean, my people at home are mad. Everybody across this country are furious,” she claimed.

Moreover, Greene could potentially present her impeachment resolution as early as today, after which leadership would have two legislative days to schedule a vote on the measure.

Greene’s threat came a day before Biden is expected to sign an executive order that would halt asylum requests at the border if the average daily encounters at ports of entry reached 2,500.

This plan closely mirrors a policy initially proposed in legislation from a bipartisan group of senators that was negotiated with the White House but ultimately rejected by conservatives.

Moreover, the move follows accusations from some Republicans that Biden should utilize his executive authority to implement stricter border policies, though the legality of such action remains unclear, and immigration rights groups have pledged to take legal action.

Now, if Greene proceeds with triggering a vote on her impeachment resolution, it will mark the second time this Congress that the House was compelled to weigh in on articles of impeachment against Biden in a hurried manner.

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