Movie Star, Worth $95 Million, Calls Herself ‘Middle Class’

( – In the middle of a debate at the Cannes Film Festival, movie star Cate Blanchet referred to herself as “middle class,” while reports suggest she is worth $95 million.

During a press conference for her new film “Rumours” the actress stated, “I’m white, I’m privileged, I’m middle class and I think one can be accused of having a bit of a white savior complex,” while discussing her involvement with refugee filmmakers.

She continued, “[B]ut to be perfectly honest, my interaction with refugees in the field and also in resettled environments has totally changed my perspective on the world, and I’m utterly grateful for that.”

This comment quickly stirred reactions on social media, with many criticizing Blanchett for being out of touch. One user on X commented, “Cate Blanchett thinks she’s ‘middle class’ compared to who? Jeff Bezos? Rich people are so out of touch.”

Others echoed this sentiment, calling her disconnected from reality and making sarcastic remarks about their own socioeconomic status in light of her statement.

However, some defended Blanchett, explaining that in the British context, “middle class” refers more to heritage and family status than to financial standing.

They argued that class and wealth are distinct, and some British people use “middle class” to describe anyone who is not royalty or extremely impoverished.

Despite the controversy, Blanchett’s film “Rumours” debuted to considerable acclaim at Cannes, earning a four-minute standing ovation.

The movie, directed by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, and Galen Johnson, features an ensemble cast and tells the story of world leaders from the G7 countries getting lost in the woods.

Also, the “Ocean’s 8” star emphasized that the film is not meant to be taken as a severe message-driven project, noting, “It’s definitely not that.”

Yet, Blanchett’s representation has not yet responded to requests for comment on the backlash.

Meanwhile, the conversation about her remarks continues to unfold, which highlights the complexities of public perception regarding wealth and class.

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