Matt Gaetz Issues Warning

( – In a bold assessment of the current political landscape dominated by the extreme left agenda, Rep. Matt Gaetz firmly warned that the entire Republican majority could be jeopardized if they failed to secure a deal on border security.

Speaking from former President Donald Trump’s campaign trail in New Jersey, the Florida Republican declared that removing former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy last year was necessary.

Gaetz also highlighted Speaker Mike Johnson’s achievements, notably the recovery of over $20 billion from McCarthy’s undisclosed deals, and emphasized the urgent need for tighter border security.

Gaetz also conveyed a strong message about the expectations of the American electorate, stating, “It’s going to be all of our jobs because the American people want us to stand up and fight for something. That’s what I’m trying to get Congress to do every day.”

He further noted the challenges Johnson faces, who operates with a narrow one-seat majority compared to McCarthy’s four-seat majority, underscoring the need for unity and determination within the party.

The congressman also criticized the national media, explicitly targeting MSNBC’s Joy Reid for her remarks on “white Christians” and their influence on Trump’s Iowa caucus victory. Gaetz described the current state of left-wing media as fueled by rage and disconnected from the real issues affecting Americans.

He shared insights from conversations with workers and professionals who prefer economic conditions under Trump’s presidency, advocating for prosperity, higher wages, and opportunities for future generations.

Highlighting Congress’s shortcomings, Gaetz argued against funding the government without strict demands on border security to protect communities from the repercussions of the illegal migrant crisis. He praised Trump’s firm stance on drug dealers, suggesting it resonates strongly with voters.

Gaetz also discussed Trump’s potential to secure over 50% of the vote in New Hampshire, with Nikki Haley’s success hinging on attracting independents and Democrats to vote in the primary. He accused Haley of attempting to “create a mirage” of momentum as the primary season moves to her home state.

Despite these tactics, Gaetz remains confident in the Trump campaign’s vitality and the enthusiasm of its supporters in New Hampshire, emphasizing a strategic approach to the upcoming electoral challenges.