Major Issue Found In Biden’s Health Screening

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Following President Joe Biden’s physical on Thursday (February 16), Biden was deemed “vigorous” and “healthy,” however, medical experts have pointed out that this examination didn’t mention his mental status.

Family and emergency medical professional Dr. Janette Nesheiwat assessed the exam results, questioning how the President performed on his “mini mental status exam.”

Nesheiwat, a Fox News contributor, questioned Biden’s scores, saying she’d like to know, before adding that mental and emotional health was as important as physical health.

The Fox News contributor explained that the test was also integral given the demanding nature of the President’s job.

Nesheiwat asserted that given the stress Biden would endure in his role in the Oval Office, Americans needed to guarantee Biden is “physically, mentally, and emotionally capable” of making decisions regarding the “overall health, safety, and well-being of our nation.”

The medical expert also highlighted that Biden, at age 75, would be the U.S.’s oldest sitting President, adding that the country required a President who is “sharp, shrewd, [and] has the cognitive stamina and… mental acumen to lead our great country.”

Since Biden took office, questions have repeatedly been raised about his cognitive capacity.
In addition, newly-minted Presidential candidate Nikki Haley raised those same questions, asserting that politicians over 75 should be subject to a cognitive test before they take office.

Dr. Marc Siegel, another Fox News contributor, remarked on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the President’s “stiff gait” could be a sign of diminishing cognitive abilities, which he attributed to “peripheral neuropathy” that causes a “loss of sensation in feet.”