Major Development Out Of Maricopa County

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

On Monday (November 28), with a deadline for the certification of votes hours away, supervisors in Maricopa County voted to certify the county’s election canvass despite the objections of Republicans.

Calling on supervisors to vote against certifying the election results in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county that includes the city of Phoenix, those within the GOP — including gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake — pointed to printer malfunctions.

Yet, in the face of outspoken objection to certifying the results, the county’s supervisor unanimously voted to certify the results concluding a tense meeting.

Supervisors insisted no voter was disenfranchised, while attendees vehemently objected to that conclusion, explaining their concerns, often by interrupting supervisors.

Addressing the objections from several attendees, Stephen Richer (R), Maricopa County Recorder, explained that the conversation had to “focus on real issues.” He then tried to reason with attendees, saying they could repeat the last two years by “fighting over conspiracy theories promoted on social media by people who know nothing about — ” in the middle of his defense he was interrupted by a flood of booing.

Bill Gates (R), chairman of the Board, acknowledged the Election Day printer malfunctions, saying that to prevent a similar issue from occurring going forward, the Board would carry out an “even deeper dive.”

Yet, Gates emphasized that there was no such thing as a “perfect election” while highlighting the approach the board took by being transparent.

Attendees, many of whom had responded to Lake’s urging that they are present at the event, described the board’s actions as “violating the Constitution,” “a sham,” and having “sold us out” while criticizing the two-minute speaking limit.