Look Who Was Caught Crossing The Border

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

This is terrifying.

Late last week, a suspected terrorist from Saudi Arabia was apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol agents following an attempt to enter the U.S illegally.

The suspect, whose name has not been disclosed, is a 21-year-old man from Saudi Arabia. The alleged terrorist was arrested in Oneida County, New York, after encountering federal law enforcement. When apprehended, the suspect was wearing a Volunteer Ambulance Corps jacket.

In a tweet posted Monday (December 20th), Chris Clem, Border Patrol’s Chief Patrol agent, said the potential terrorist was apprehended on the evening of December 16th because of his links to “several Yemeni subjects of interest.”

Responding to the Washington Examiner, Brandon Judd, the national President of the National Border Patrol Council, explained the process of enforcement. Saying that it is a part of protocol when Border Patrol apprehends suspected terrorists from special-interest countries is to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Homeland Security. From there, the HSI and FBI determine what happens to the individual.

This latest incident is only one of the many growing numbers of potential terrorist cases. In August, outgoing Nation Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, drew attention to the severity of the cases when he said to reporters that agents had been catching people “at a level we have never seen before” from the Terrorist Screening Database.

In response to the surge of migrants at the South Border, in the months following Biden’s term as President began, Border Patrol has had to reallocate 40% of its agents from the field to assist. Because of this change, there had been fewer agents patrolling the border for threats to national security.

Besides the limited resources, smugglers have ingenious ways to enlist the help of others. Smugglers enlist large groups of families and children to divert agents to an area. While this group occupies agents, another group moves contraband and people over the border.

Much of the cause of the vulnerability at the border has to do with the Biden administration’s decision to halt building the former President Trump’s 700m wall. This, in addition to a lack of transparency, revealed more and more terrorists were using land borders to gain access to the U.S.