Libs’ Favorite Talk Show Host Returns

( – Even though times have changed and liberalism has now been wholly conquered by woke leftists, an old TV face popular with liberals is now returning to the screen as comedian Jon Stewart will once again be hosting Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Stewart, now 61, originally hosted the satirical news show from 1999 to 2015, earning widespread acclaim from the left for what they called his intelligent and humorous take on current events.

However, in a notable shift from his previous full-time role, Stewart will resume hosting duties starting February 12, but only for the Monday episodes.

The remainder of the week, from Tuesday through Thursday, will feature various guests as hosts.

Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios officially announced this part-time arrangement on Wednesday.

Stewart’s return, scheduled to last through the upcoming presidential election cycle and extend into 2025, is being met with significant anticipation.

Chris McCarthy, chief executive of Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios, expressed his admiration and high expectations in a statement.

“Stewart is the voice of our generation, and we are honored to have him return to Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ to help us all make sense of the insanity and division roiling the country as we enter the election season,” McCarthy said.

“In our age of staggering hypocrisy and performative politics, Jon is the perfect person to puncture the empty rhetoric and provide much-needed clarity with his brilliant wit,” he added.

After Stewart’s departure nearly a decade ago, leftist South African comedian Trevor Noah took over as the show’s host.

Stewart moved to Apple TV+, where he hosted “The Problem With Jon Stewart” for two seasons.

However, he parted ways with Apple TV+ in October due to what appeared to be excessive executive control over the content of his show.

Noah left “The Daily Show” in December 2022. Following his departure, the show saw a variety of guest hosts each week, including notable personalities like Leslie Jones, Charlemagne The God, and Kal Penn.

Jones, 56, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, expressed her interest in hosting “The Daily Show” last year.

“It would be great to have a black woman on late night. It’s time. I think people are ready for that. Now, I’m not s***tting on white women or whatever. I’m just saying,” she told People at the time.