Liberal Media Drops Biden

Tflynn17 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Who would have expected this?

On Sunday (January 23), Chuck Todd, NBC’s “Meet the Press” anchor, revealed that President Biden is struggling to appeal to the American electorate, as an NBC poll released last week showed the President’s poor approval ratings.

Speaking during the show’s opening segment, Todd said Biden’s 43% approval rating demonstrated he was losing his “identity” among voters, with the electorate not seeing the President as “competent and effective.” Todd continued saying the stats spelled a possible “shellacking” for Democrats come November.

The anchor went on to say that Biden’s Wednesday (January 17) news conference was intended to “kick off a second year reset of his presidency [and] recapture his political identity.” However, Todd added that NBC’s newest polls indicate the President needed a reset because “he’s lost his identity a bit.”

Todd continued his assessment of Biden’s performance, saying, “he’s no longer seen as competent and effective, no longer seen as a good commander-in-chief or, perhaps most damaging, as easy-going and likable.” The anchor went on to say that only 5% of adults believe Biden “performed better than expected” which he pointed to being the “lowest, firsts, and fewest in our poll.”

Todd also explained NBC’s latest measuring tool designed to forecast a possible outcome in the midterms. He revealed two of three vital indicators pointed to the Democrats receiving a “shellacking.”

He acknowledged that, historically, approval ratings as low as Biden’s have led to massive defeat for the party in power. He also revealed that it was only the third time in NBC’s poll history that such a considerable number of Americans thought the country was heading in the wrong direction.

Todd continued his statements, pointing to another element of concern: voters who want Democrats to retain control of Congress are only up by one percentage point to voters who don’t. He pointed to the need to be up by “four or five points” to compensate for Republican redistricting.