King Charles Will ‘Abdicate’?!

( – Paul Burrell, a former butler for Princess Diana, has made a bold prediction that King Charles plans to “abdicate” the throne to his eldest son, Prince William, within the next ten years.

Burrell, who served Princess Diana for over a decade until her untimely death in 1997, suggests that the 75-year-old monarch is aiming to make way for William, 41, and his wife, Kate Middleton. He believes this transition is part of a “10-year plan” that Charles has in place, as he seeks to “buy time” before stepping down.

Burrell draws a distinction between King Charles and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, noting that while the Queen’s life was entirely shaped around her role as a monarch, King Charles might choose a different path. He suggests that Charles might emulate Prince Philip’s decision to retire from public duties, feeling that he has served enough and wishing to enjoy his later years.

This concept of abdication aligns with recent changes in European monarchies, like in Denmark, where Queen Margrethe II abdicated in favor of her son, Crown Prince Frederik. Burrell believes that King Charles, too, may wish to see his son ascend the throne while he is still alive, a sentiment that he feels the UK public would embrace.

Additionally, Burrell commented on the future roles of the Prince and Princess of Wales, anticipating that they will undertake a significant royal tour later in the year, indicating their preparedness for increased royal duties. This move could be part of King Charles’s broader plan for the royal family, as he works towards the eventual abdication in favor of Prince William.

Buckingham Palace has been contacted for a statement regarding these assertions.