Kavanaugh’s Neighbors Under Attack

Unknown authorUnknown author, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The neighbors of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh have had enough of loud, vulgar, and intimidating protestors, who’ve turned their fury on Kavanaugh’s neighbors when they make a simple request: please be quiet.

Every Wednesday evening since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, the precedent that granted abortion-access Federal protection, the street of Kavanaugh’s Maryland home shifts from tranquil to terrifying as pro-choice protestors take a stand against the Justice’s decision.

At first, the predominantly left-leaning neighbors that surround Kavanaugh had no issues with pro-choice protestors, but as the weeks went by and the passion turned to vitriol, neighbors haven’t been as understanding.

Neighbors who complain about the noise are subject to derogatory chants, with Protestors labeling them Karens, a term used to demean mostly well-off White women.

But it’s not only derogatory retorts that have neighbors upset, protestors have used vulgar language to express their anger in a neighborhood full of children.

One neighbor, who spoke to news outlets on condition of anonymity, revealed how Protestors chanted “f— you” and “f— your children” on a megaphone.

Another neighbor expressed how children had become scared to leave their homes and lamented that when people ask them to be softer they’re called “fascists.”

At first, pro-choice neighbor and artist — Emily Strulson — welcomed the protestors, going as far as printing signs protestors could use; now, as language has become more abusive and the chants louder, she spends her Wednesdays out to eat.