Kamala Harris Gets Completely EXPOSED

She wasn’t expecting this.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw slammed Vice President Kamala Harris stating that she no longer cares or plans to do anything about the current crisis at the southern border. This comes after Vice President Harris skipped a meeting regarding the current state of the border.

Crenshaw made his comments on Fox News with host Ashley Webster. Webster first asked Crenshaw on his thoughts about Harris skipping the meeting about the border crisis. Crenshaw responded by stating that she “doesn’t care” about national security and that the vice president does not care about illegal immigration. He continued stating that Democrats planned for Harris to completely disregard the border and are making excuses as to why illegal immigration continues to surge.

He continued his remarks on the broadcast adding that they are continuing to ignore the border for political reasons. Crenshaw believes that as long as Democrats will continue to do this then they will continue to gain liberal votes. He further stated that Democrats will work with state governments like California and New York to ensure that there is no federal law enforcement in those areas. He also believes that Democrats will not work with federal officials for this purpose as well.

He concluded his remarks by stating that Democrats and Vice President Harris want to implement legislation that would give everybody amnesty no matter how they have got into the country to gain liberal votes in future elections. If this is true, the Democrats would gain and maintain a lot of liberal votes and would most likely gain power in many states because of their actions.