Jen Psaki Says THIS About Biden

You won’t believe what she had to say.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that President Joe Biden wants to make “fundamental” changes to the U.S. economy using the coronavirus pandemic as a front. Psaki accidentally said this during a White House Press conference. She also stated that President Biden has to seize the moment because the Democrats will not be able to act on this for some time if it is not done now.

Psaki stated that the president intends to do this while the pandemic can still be used as a cause, adding that it is one of the best times for him to make fundamental changes to whatever he wants. She stated that he wants to make these changes for several reasons including childcare, climate crisis, and universal education. She added that if it cannot be done now then the Democratic party will have to wait for “some time” before getting the chance to push their agenda again.

Psaki’s remarks came in after a reporter questioned her on why the president does not want to work with Republicans on the spending bill but wants to continuously push for a bigger spending bill in congress. She replied that the president’s initial plan was to have the first spending bill put into law no matter what but was forced to compromise due to the efforts put in by the Republicans. She continued stating that for now the president wants to put a bill into place that can actually become a law without any backlash from Republicans then at a later date include all the other Democrat backed spending initiatives.