Jan 6 Committee Fails Tremendously

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

After the Jan. 6 Select Committee’s seven public hearings, a paradox emerged, one in which former President Donald Trump has been negatively impacted, but Biden and Democrats haven’t been positively impacted.

The panel, comprised of seven Democrats and two Republicans who have been hyper-critical of the former President, has inflicted significant reputational damage on Trump.

They’ve painted a picture of the then-President being willfully delusion in his attempt to cling to the Presidency by holding onto the provably false narrative that there was widespread election fraud. The panel also showed how his delusion led to Trump willingly and recklessly using his followers — including the Jan. 6 protestors he allegedly knew were armed.

In the final minutes of Tuesday’s (June 12) hearing, Vice Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) made a vague but serious charge: Trump may have involved himself in witness tampering.

These and other allegations sprinkled throughout the heading have caused many Americans to believe Trump should face criminal prosecution.

An ABC-Ipsos poll conducted in June showed that 58 percent of Americans believe Trump should face criminal charges.
An Associated Press-NORC poll put the figure at 48 percent.

But despite the damage to Trump’s political influence, the political landscape for the GOP is far more favorable than for the Democrats.

Almost no one within Washington believes Democrats will be able to hold onto their slim majority in the House as the party battles the effect inflation has on American voters.

While the testimony emerging from the investigation is damning, it isn’t relevant to current events and primarily implicates one man — and a host of former White House officials — in wrongdoing.
Far more pressing matters — like the cost of gas, high crime, and a border crisis — will be up for consideration on the ballot.