Jan 6 Committee Drops Investigation?

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

The January 6 Select Committee will be dropping the subpoena against the Republican National Committee and software vendor Salesforce, according to a notice issued to Salesforce first reported by the Washington Post.

Douglas Letter, the general counsel for the House of Representatives, issued a notice to Salesforce, which read: “Given the current stage of its investigation, the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol has determined that it no longer has a need to pursue the specific information requested in the February 23, 2022 subpoena that it issued to Salesforce.”

The subpoena was first issued in February of this year with a spokesperson for the Committee saying at that time the Committee wanted to investigate the effect of false claims of widespread voter fraud in the weeks before the Capitol attack and how donations were directed.

The Committee included Salesforce in the subpoena as the RNC uses a platform owned by the software to do its fundraising.

The decision to drop the subpoena comes as the Committee prepares to resume its public hearings later this month and seven months after it issued the subpoena in February.

In March, the RNC filed a lawsuit requesting that the subpoena be dropped citing a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the constitution as it did not “advance a legislative purpose.”

A federal judge dismissed the RNC’s suit in May, saying the subpoena did not violate the RNC’s Constitutional rights, adding that the Committee’s interest in obtaining the information outweighed the burden on the RNC.

Later in May, an appeals court temporarily blocked the Committee’s access to the information while the RNC challenged the subpoena.