Insane Liberal Bans Uncle From Wedding, Humiliates Herself

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

A query was presented to the well-known Ask Amy advice column by a mother inquiring whether she should confront her right-leaning brother for a monetary gift following his exclusion from his niece’s progressive wedding. The internet was quick to ridicule the situation, with a Twitter user remarking, “That sounds about right for an entitled generation Z progressive. Next thing you know, they’ll be asking you to settle their debts.”

The concerned mother wrote to the advice giver, “My daughter, due to get married in four months, informed me that she felt her safety would be compromised if her uncle (my brother, ‘Dave’) were to attend the wedding. Therefore, she asked me to refrain from inviting him.” Despite the niece and Dave sharing a seemingly warm relationship, Dave’s right-wing political inclination and his support for certain objectionable candidates prompted the decision.

The perplexed mother continued to detail that while Dave has always been amiable, her daughter’s demand was unexpected. She then recounted how she politely explained to Dave that his presence at the wedding would be unsettling and he was therefore not invited. Dave, she mentioned, did not respond or attend the wedding.

Despite sending Dave photos from the wedding, the mother received no response, causing friction among her other siblings who were upset with her decision to exclude him.

The mother stated that another significant matter was that Dave, who in the past had been known to gift more than $1,000 at family weddings, had not sent any gift to the newlyweds. She added, her daughter was expecting a similar gesture.

Although her spouse advised her to let it go, the mother stated that she was distressed and humiliated by Dave’s actions and could not.

Amy Dickinson, the advice columnist, criticized the mother for sending the uninvited guest photos of the wedding and her handling of the situation. She wrote, “Let’s recap: Your sensitive daughter feels threatened by her conservative uncle, forbids his attendance at her wedding, and leaves you to deliver the news.”

The columnist added, “The second ‘issue’ that you present has the potential to be a notorious example of bridezilla behavior. In essence: Brides too afraid to invite family members to their wedding cannot then expect to receive monetary gifts from them.” Dickinson suggested that the mother tell her daughter that the “Bank of Uncle Dave” was no longer available to their side of the family.

She continued, commenting that the uncle, whom the mother criticized for his political choices, acted with the most maturity in this situation.

Dickinson concluded, “Your silent brother is the only one behaving appropriately in this situation. He’s doing exactly what you asked him to.”

On Twitter, user Jayhawkjenn saw this as typical behavior of entitled leftists, while Tweettee jokingly added, “Sounds like typical gen z progressive behavior. What’s next? They’ll ask you to pay their student loans too.”