Illegal Border Crossing Bombshell

( – According to a new report referencing Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources, nearly 100,000 illegal migrants have managed to evade law enforcement at the U.S.-Mexico border since October.

From the beginning of the current fiscal year on October 1, over 96,000 “known gotaways” – migrants who were detected but not apprehended – have reportedly crossed the southern border.

This means that an average of more than 800 people per day have entered the U.S. undetected, presumably now living within the country.

The scale of the issue becomes more apparent when compared to the number of migrants actually encountered by border officials.

Since October 1, border authorities have encountered over 785,000 migrants, a record number for the end of a year. December saw a particularly high number, with more than 302,000 migrant encounters at the border, the highest monthly figure on record, according to CBP sources.

This influx of migrants has drawn reactions from several Republican senators. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) raised concerns about the unknowns surrounding these migrants, stating, “We don’t know where these people are coming from, where they’re going, what they’re carrying or if they’re terrorists.”

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) also voiced criticism, focusing on the Biden Administration’s approach to handling the situation, calling for immediate action to secure the border and enforce immigration laws.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is facing impeachment calls from House Republicans over his handling of the border crisis.

He is accused of disastrous policies and misleading Congress about the state of border security. The House Homeland Security Committee is poised to vote on impeachment articles against Mayorkas, though the effort is expected to face hurdles in the Democrat-led Senate.

Mark Green (R-TN), the committee chairman, stated, “Our thorough and fair investigation exposed Secretary Mayorkas’ abuse of power and refusal to comply with the law.”

A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll suggests that immigration is now a more pressing concern for voters than inflation.

About 35% of voters indicated that immigration is their top concern, while around 32% are more worried about inflation. President Biden’s handling of immigration issues has a low approval rating, with only 35% of respondents expressing satisfaction.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has taken steps to mitigate the strain on border communities overwhelmed by the surge in migrants. He has orchestrated the transportation of over 90,000 migrants to cities governed by Democrats.

This strategy aims to distribute the burden, with cities such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, and Washington, D.C., now incurring significant expenses to care for these individuals.