‘Ideology of Appeasement’ Causing THIS!?

Red light

(TheProudRepublic.com) – Predicting the issue that will significantly influence the outcome of next year’s general election, a House Representative expressed grave concerns about the alarming rise in crime rates across U.S. cities.

In a recent appearance on Newsmax’s “Newsline,” Dan Meuser (R-PA) attributed this increase to an “ideology of appeasement” prevalent among liberals.

Meuser emphasized the fundamental role of public safety in government, criticizing the current liberal approach to crime and border control. “… It’s an ideology of appeasement that the left seems to have,” he stated.

He highlighted the irony in Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s priorities, noting, “Make sure you ask illegals what pronoun is important to them.” Meuser argued that this approach is not only prevalent in urban areas but also at national borders and in international affairs.

The representative further critiqued the left’s ideology as “so digressive,” elaborating on the economic ramifications of rising crime rates. He pointed out the direct impact on businesses, such as increased security costs and the inconvenience of having goods locked up, which he personally experienced during visits to stores like CVS.

He said this leads to a cycle of reduced customer traffic, lower store revenues, and consequently, diminished tax revenues for the government. This is particularly problematic, he noted, given the trend of defunding the police.

Meuser shared personal experiences to underscore his point, revealing that his car was recently broken into in broad daylight. He also shared that three of his eight staffers in Washington had been held at gunpoint in the past two years.

He criticized city officials in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia for reducing funding for law enforcement, stating, “[D.C.] has decreased their funding for the police by $100 million over the last several years.”

Meuser also took aim at the prosecutorial practices in these cities, asserting that less than 50% of crimes result in prosecution. In response, he has proposed legislation to defund prosecutors who fail to meet a minimum prosecution rate of 67%, advocating for a more stringent approach to criminal prosecution as a solution to the rising crime problem.