House Republicans Cave To Alvin Bragg

Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash

On Friday (April 21), the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the House Judiciary Committee agreed that the DA’s former senior prosecutor, Mark Pomerantz, who formerly was part of the criminal probe into former President Donald Trump, will testify before the panel.

The Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Pomerantz as part of an investigation into the DA’s office that began after Trump predicted his future arrest.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) initially tried to block the challenge, but a federal judge dismissed it on Wednesday (April 19); a day later, a federal appeals court temporarily delayed Pomerantz’s deposition hours pending an appeal by the DA’s office.

In a statement on Friday (April 21), a spokesperson for the chair of the House Judiciary Committee indictated that Bragg had withdrawn his complaint, noting that Pomerantz would be deposed on May 12.

Despite earlier efforts to block the deposition, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office presented the deal as a victory.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the DA’s office asserted the “successful stay of this subpoena” prevented an immediate deposition, giving the District Attorney’s office time to coordinate with the House Judiciary Committee on an agreement to safeguard the privileges and interests of the District Attorney.

Pomerantz was previously one of the DA’s office’s lead prosecutors in the Trump case.

However, he resigned in February 2022, soon after Bragg took office.

Pomerantz, who left a year before Trump was indicted, said he left because Bragg did not want to press criminal charges against Trump at the time.