House Republican Slapped With Criminal Charges?

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

Republican Rep. George Santos (N.Y.) is facing criminal charges after federal prosecutors filed a lawsuit stemming from discrepancies in his finances and campaign disclosures amid public scrutiny about his finances and resume.

A source confirmed to The Hill that Santos, who has been called by both parties to resign, is facing criminal charges.

The source revealed that despite the charges still being kept under wraps, Santos could appear in court as early as Wednesday (May 10).

CNN was the first to report on the Santos allegations that have yet to be confirmed by the Office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York or the Department of Justice.

But the report suggests prosecutors are investigating Santos’ finances and campaign disclosures.

The congressman has been the subject of several investigations after questions were raised about his resume, biography, and finances.

State and federal agencies have received formal complaints against the congressman and are investigating.

The House Ethics Committee also investigated Santos.

Several lawmakers have called on Santos to resign, including some from his own party.

In February, a group of Democrats announced an expulsion resolution to oust Santos from Congress.

On Tuesday (May 9), House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA.), who did not ask Santos to resign, said he would handle the situation with Santos as he has handled previous lawmakers facing impeachment

He referenced the former Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (Neb.), who resigned in March 2022 after being found guilty of three felony counts of lying to the FBI regarding illegal campaign made to his 2016 campaign.

McCarthy expressed that the GOP-led House would handle the situation with Santos as has been the case in the lower chamber, saying if he is indicted, he would be removed from committees. Although he’d still be able to vote in the House, he would have to go to trial.