Herschel Walker Gains Major Endorsement

Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday (November 19), Georgia Governor Brian Kemp played his role of dutiful Republican perfectly when he joined Senate Candidate Herschel Walker on the campaign trail.

Kemp appeared beside Walker for the first time, reassured by a commanding victory in the state’s gubernatorial race.

Kemp’s presence displays the significance of his coalition to Walker’s campaign and the possibility the Senate candidate can unseat Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s Senate runoff on December 6.

The Republican Governor’s avoidance of Walker until after he had secured his own victory — and needed to show outward support for the Senate candidate — shows how little the former star athlete appeals to moderate Republicans and independent voters.

Walker hasn’t been able to appeal to these groups amid questions about his political experience — or lack thereof — and intense scrutiny of his rocky past.

But Kemp is urging voters to overlook these shortcomings, telling supporters at Walker’s campaign event that they “We cannot rest on our laurels.”

The Georgia Governor is also trying to convince voters that Walker is the right man for the job, saying, “I know Herschel Walker will fight for us,” before expressing optimism that Republicans will have control over the state.

Kemp made his remarks in the parking lot of a gun store in suburban Atlanta, attempting to get Republican voters to cast one more ballot in an underwhelming midterm election for Republicans.

Kemp has the sway to get Georgia voters to do exactly what he is requesting as he secured 200,000 more votes than his Democratic counterpart Stacey Abrams.

Those voters could come in handy for Walker, who trailed Warnock by 36,000 votes.

Warnock’s slim lead over Walker robbed him of achieving a majority, kicking off the four-week race to the December runoff.