He Used Crack ‘Every 20 Minutes’

(TheProudRepublic.com) – Sharing intimate insights into his wild behavior, Hunter Biden’s former girlfriend testified in his federal gun trial about his drug abuse, saying he was a regular addict because he used crack “every 20 minutes.”

His ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, and former girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, provided insights that challenged the defense’s argument that Hunter could not have been undergoing a drug relapse when he purchased a gun because he appeared too composed.

Kestan, who met Biden in a Manhattan gentlemen’s club and testified under immunity, described seeing Biden use crack “every 20 minutes or so” during their time together.

She portrayed him as a high-functioning addict, noting, “It’s crazy his demeanor doesn’t seem to be changing,” despite his frequent drug use.

Their relationship included instances where Hunter talked about quitting drugs, including a mention of a South American treatment involving frog venom.

Despite these efforts, Kestan said Hunter continued to use drugs, and she even helped him get cocaine towards the end of their relationship.

Now, his former ex-wife Buhle, who was married to Hunter Biden from 1993 until 2017, testified about discovering his addiction.

“I found a crack pipe on July 3, 2015, in an ashtray on the side porch of our home,” she stated. This was after Hunter had been discharged from the Navy for testing positive for cocaine.

Buhle also described him as angry and short-tempered, a departure from his sober demeanor. She continued to check their family car for drugs regularly to protect their daughters.

She noticed that despite his addiction, Biden managed to maintain his work and social interactions, sometimes concealing his high state from others.

Moreover, the day’s proceedings also featured testimony from Gordon Cleveland, who sold Hunter the gun at StarQuest Shooters & Survival. Prosecutor Derek Hines displayed the gun to the jury and emphasized the purchase.

The trial is set to continue with additional witnesses, including Hallie Biden, Hunter’s former lover.

As Hunter left the courtroom, he humorously told his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, “I’m doing my own paperwork. I’m taking the case myself,” while holding his memoir “Beautiful Things.”

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