He Died After Doing WHAT?

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In a vague attempt to keep himself healthy by taking supplements, a man in the United Kingdom suddenly died after he consumed a massive dose of vitamin D.

According to a Fox News report, 89-year-old David Mitchener collapsed because of complications that arose from hypercalcemia, which led to medical examinations revealing that his vitamin D levels reached a fatal limit.

Mitchener was hospitalized at the East Surrey Hospital in mid-May 2023 and died ten days later.

This unfortunate consumption of the vitamin contributed to his death alongside other health issues like congestive heart failure and chronic kidney disease.

The assistant coroner’s findings underscored that Mitchener had been ingesting vitamin supplements for at least nine months before his death with no apparent cautions on the packaging regarding the potential risks of excessive ingesting.

In addition, the report highlighted the imperative of prudence and education regarding the use of vitamin supplements. Likewise, experts emphasized that while vitamin D is essential for health, it needs to be taken in moderation.

Assistant coroner Jonathan Stevens stated, “Vitamin supplements can have potentially very serious risks and side effects when taken in excess. Current food labeling requirements do not require these risks and side effects to be written on the packaging.”

While a daily intake of 600 international units (IU) is typically adequate for most adults the main source should be food and sunlight. However, if the dose surpasses the 4,000 IU daily, it can lead to a spectrum of health issues.

Fox News noted that vitamin D acts similarly to a hormone in the body. Symptoms can vary from thirst and nausea to severe complications like muscle weakness, confusion and even acute kidney failure.

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