He Admits POSSIBLE VP Disappointment

(TheProudRepublic.com) – Rumored to be on former President Donald Trump’s shortlist for vice president, Senator JD Vance (R-OH) said he would feel a “little bit of disappointment” if not chosen.

Vance and his wife, Usha, spoke with Lawrence Jones on Fox News Channel’s “FOX & Friends” about the possibility of becoming the next second family.

Once a critic of Trump, the Ohio senator has become one of his staunchest supporters, now rumored to be a top contender for VP.

Jones asked if the Trump campaign had informed Vance about being vetted. Vance confirmed the contact but suggested they likely “reached out to a lot of people.”

“My best guess is they’re looking at me, and they’re looking at a lot of other people, too, and they’ll ask me if they ask me, and if they don’t, that’s fine,” Vance said.

Acknowledging his humanity, Vance admitted that there would be some disappointment if things do not work out.

“And so, when you know this thing’s a possibility, if it doesn’t happen, there’s certainly going to be a little bit of disappointment,” he claimed.

“But I think the bigger this is, it’s such a cool thing to get that job that I do,” Vance added.

He also emphasized that he loves being a father, and “that’s not going to change, whether Trump asked me to be vice president or not.”

Moreover, the GOP nominee has indicated he will announce his VP choice at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in mid-July.

Other potential running mates include Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and Governor Doug Burgum (R-ND), among others.

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