Gun Rights Victory

( – Great news for Second Amendment advocates in the Golden State as United States District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez has struck down California’s law requiring background checks for ammunition purchases.

This ruling is a significant victory for gun rights in the ongoing national debate over gun control and Second Amendment rights.

Judge Benitez’s decision targeted Senate Bill 1235, a law that instituted background checks for those seeking to purchase ammunition, replacing a permit-to-purchase system that California voters had approved in 2016.

The legal challenge was primarily against SB 1235 and its enforcement by California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

Benitez evaluated the constitutionality of the law in light of the 2023 Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. His analysis led to the conclusion that the ammunition background check laws, having no historical basis, violated the Second Amendment rights of citizens. Thus, he declared these laws unconstitutional.

The ruling also addressed and favored the plaintiffs in their challenge against California’s restriction on buying ammunition out-of-state and bringing it into California.

Consequently, Benitez barred Attorney General Bonta and his agents from enforcing both the ammunition background check requirement and the anti-importation law.

This decision, issued in the case of Rhodes v. Bonta 18-cv-802 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, marks a significant moment in the seemingly endless battle between those who want to protect the Second Amendment and those who want to get rid of it.