GOP Vows To Hold Biden Accountable

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

According to Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy, the GOP will reclaim the House majority in the upcoming midterm elections, a victory he says is possible because of the Party’s stance on critical issues.

The issues Republicans have homed in on include inflation, immigration, and crime, with McCarthy emphasizing that “democrats have failed the American public.”

Beyond the economic hardships most Americans are facing, McCarthy highlighted that Democrats were also losing support because “extremism on the Democratic side has pushed people away.”

McCarthy’s statement comes after an Associated Press analysis revealed that more than 1.7 million voters had changed party affiliation in the last year, with the majority — approximately two-thirds — switching to the GOP.

Discussing the shift, McCarthy said that voters “want to see a party that puts people before politics,” which he emphasized is “what the Republican Party is doing.”

The California Republican also noted how recently appointed Congresswoman Myra Flores had won in a typically Democratic district. This he used as further proof the GOP is making inroads in Democrat strongholds.

He went on to point out how under Democratic leadership, inflation and crime have skyrocketed and so have the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Southern border, but promised that things would be different with a GOP majority.

“If we take the majority, we will make sure we lower the cost of energy and become energy independent, we secure our streets to be safe, and then, more importantly, we secure our border at the same time, ” McCarthy promised.