GOP Voters Make One Thing Very Clear

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Trump’s Texas supporters aren’t keen on the idea of any other Republican appearing on the ballot in 2024.

On Saturday (October 22) evening, Trump’s supporters in Robstown, Texas, agreed that no one could compare to the former President.

The message came from attendees of the Save America rally, who — while overlooking two impeachment trials against the former President — were adamant they wanted Trump to run again in 2024 and wouldn’t consider alternatives.

The support for Trump extended from merchandise vendors to attendees at the front of the line who said they wanted Trump to run again and wouldn’t be considering potential challengers like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Antoine Fisher, a merchandise vendor who has been following Trump since 2015 — on the former President’s first campaign — said, “He better run or he will let my heart down and a lot of other Americans’ hearts down if he don’t [sic] run.”

Fisher added, “I don’t care who goes against Trump. If they’re against Trump, they’re against me.”

Fisher also pointed to inflation being his greatest determiner when voting in this year’s midterm elections, noting its impact on the middle class.

“Inflation, I mean hell, get the economy back running,” Fisher said, adding, “The middle class is now becoming the poorer, you know, the lower, bottom class.”

Another staunch Trump supporter, Kelly Brown, a single, unemployed mother, has also followed Trump from rally to rally and has attended his Arizona, South Carolina, and Wyoming rallies.

Brown drove through the night from Dallas.

She expressed her willingness to support Trump but was open to supporting “an even better candidate than Trump,” stating she believed the Kennedys were still alive.