GOP Traitor Entering 2024 Race

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

Rep. Liz Cheney is igniting the flames of a potential 2024 Presidential bid with statements she made following her primary loss on Tuesday.

On Tuesday (August 16) night, Cheney said she was “thinking about” running for President, the three-term Congresswoman offered no insight into what such a run would look like other than vowing she would continue to do whatever it takes to ensure Trump didn’t get a second term.

While the announcement could send shockwaves throughout the GOP and political landscape as a whole, strategists agree she has little chance of winning a 2024 Presidential bid.

Therefore, her impact on the race would depend on how she chooses to run, with strategists suggesting her run would do the opposite of what she intends and help former President Donald Trump secure a GOP primary.

Veteran Republican strategist Keith Naughton said, “Her running for president is a joke. She would get almost nothing in a Republican primary,” he added that Cheney’s presence would only “help throw the nomination to Trump by taking up some protest votes that could go to [Florida Governor Ron] DeSantis or [former Vice President Mike] Pence.”

Gunner Ramer, political director of Republican Accountability PAC, an anti-Trump PAC that wants to” defeat today’s extreme GOP,” was a lot more sympathetic to Cheney.

Ramer acknowledged Cheney wouldn’t make much difference in a Presidential bid because “a lot of [Republican primary voters] are galvanized for the America First, MAGA agenda that Donald Trump represents.”

But Cheney has suggested she may run as an independent, according to remarks she made to POLITICO on Wednesday (August 17).