GOP Preparing For Massive Republican Fight

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This is going to get intense.

American elections are always intense especially in swing states. Being held by the Republican Party since 2004, the state of Georgia might not be considered a swing state but the coming gubernatorial bid will be one of the most intense bids in the state’s history.

David Perdue is a businessman and a former senator from Georgia. He was repeatedly encouraged by then President Donald Trump to run for Governor of Georgia. With Trump eyeing the presidency once again in 2024, it is only sensible for him to back people he wants in power.

Georgia’s state election is going to be intense but a lot of people will have their eyes on the Republican primary as well. In the last Presidential election, Georgia governor Brian Kemp did not support Trump as he had expected he would. Being from the same party Trump was expecting some loyalty from the Governor who he believes let Biden steal the election from him. Had Georgia fought a little harder, things would have been different, Perdue claimed.

David Perdue, who has already started his campaign for Governor of Georgia in 2022 also stated that “Kemp failed us” (The Republican Party and their followers). This sentiment is quite prevalent in the Republican Party and Brian Kemp has had a lot of criticism over his response to the last election. Kemp did not order an audit of voting in Georgia which further escalated the issue between him and President Donald Trump.

The Republic primary in Georgia is going to be tough, but the intense competition wouldn’t just end with the primaries. The winner then has to face Stacey Abram from the Democratic Party who is a voting rights activist and according to some political experts she seems like a very promising candidate for the position.