Geraldo GONE

Mark Taylor from Rockville, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Geraldo Rivera, a well-known and highly controversial figure at Fox News, announced on Wednesday that he will be leaving the popular Fox News program, “The Five.”

Rivera used Twitter to share his decision with the public.

“Morning, it’s official, I’m off @TheFive. My last scheduled show appearances are Thursday and Friday June 29th and 30th. It’s been a great run and I appreciate having had the opportunity. Being odd man out isn’t always easy. For the time being, I’m still Correspondent at Large,” tweeted Rivera.

Rivera started his career with Fox News in 2001 as a war correspondent. As per Fox News, he has since played a role as a rotating host on The Five.

Whether Rivera’s exit from Fox News was self-initiated remains unclear.

This news of Rivera’s departure arrives just a few weeks after Fox allegedly pulled two of his scheduled appearances on “The Five.” This action followed an incident where co-host Greg Gutfeld reportedly made fun of Rivera for his critique of Tucker Carlson, as informed by the Daily Beast.

Rivera tweeted in response to the cancellations, “My appearances today and tomorrow on The Five have been canceled. I’m sure there’s a good reason. Never fear, I’ll be back week after next. Stay safe and happy. Thanks”