Fox News Forced To Fire Tucker Carlson By Who?

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is pushing for Dominion Voting System to provide information about the company’s alleged involvement in Fox News’ decision to fire former top host Tucker Carlson.

On Saturday, Abbott in a tweet stated that if the “public reporting is accurate” then Dominion had pressed Fox News to fire Carlson in the settlement agreement. He proceeded to state that he was happy Dominion was not active in his state, and added that he did not believe the company should be allowed in the future.

In his comments on Twitter, Abbott added that while it is completely right to disagree with the position’s others have on certain topics, that does not mean that one should try to silence the views they disagree with. He proceeded to state that if Dominion did want to do business in Texas eventually then they would first need to speak about what role they have played in trying to silence Carlson, a prominent conservative journalist, pointing out that the answers to those questions would provide them with a guide on how they should approach Dominion and whether they would be wanted in the state.

Abbott’s tweet also included a link to an Axios article in which Carlson’s lawyers had sent a letter to Fox news alleging that the network was fraudulent and had breached a contract, adding that the network had broken promises about the settlement with Dominion not including anything about Carlson.