Fight Clubs Created WHERE?!

Red light

( – In a dramatic turn of events revealing how liberal policies are ruining American society, pleas for National Guard intervention to manage unruliness were made at one of the most troublesome high schools in the United States after students created fight clubs.

Teachers at Brockton High School, located 25 miles south of Boston, are feeling overwhelmed, fearing for their personal safety and ignoring violence after several of them were assaulted for attempting to stop conflicts.

Jamal Gooding, a local activist in Brockton, Mass., shared insights into the situation and described how students start fights out of boredom, setting up time and place for the brawls, which attracts a crowd. Gooding voiced concerns over the increasing violence and its potential to escalate into deadly encounters.

While unaware of the fight clubs, longtime Brockton High math teacher Cliff Canavan was not surprised given the frequent clashes within the school’s corridors. Canavan, who broke his arm in the previous academic year while intervening in a fight, verified the aggressiveness of such incidents, which forced him and his colleagues to avoid getting involved to ensure their safety.

The violence at the school has left several teachers with significant injuries, with Canavan recounting a fellow teacher’s career-ending injury due to a fight that happened outside his classroom.

“A friend of mine that was a science teacher… he had a fight break out in front of his classroom several years back. And he got knocked to the ground and hit his head so hard that he actually wound up with internal damage in his brain area,” Canavan said.

In response to the escalating chaos several Brockton School Committee members sought assistance from the city’s mayor and Governor Maura Healey and requested National Guard deployment to stabilize the situation. Though Healey opted for a safety audit over deploying the Guard, the request underscored how severity of the school’s problem.

Despite the focus on Brockton High’s challenges, Canavan and Gooding emphasized that the majority of the student body does not partake in these troublesome behaviors. They highlighted the need for systemic changes including revisiting disciplinary laws and restricting phone use during school hours to address the root causes of the violence.