Female News Crew Taken Hostage

Red lights

(TheProudRepublic.com) – A shocking criminal episode has played out in Atlanta, Georgia, as a local homeless man took hostage an all-female TV news crew, threatening to shoot them unless they ordered him food.

The suspect, named Brandon Logan, is facing serious legal repercussions for allegedly detaining an all-female news crew from WANF-TV and threatening their lives.

He has been charged with making terroristic threats, false imprisonment, and obstructing an emergency phone call, The Messenger reports.

The incident unfolded while reporter Asia Wilson and photojournalist Lauren Swaim were setting up for a live broadcast outside the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office in Jonesboro, Georgia, around 11 p.m. local time on Monday.

According to reports from the Atlanta-based station, Logan approached the journalists, claimed possession of a firearm, and warned them against calling for assistance.

Despite the threat, Wilson and Swaim managed to alert their newsroom of the peril they faced, prompting the station to contact emergency services.

However, it took 90 minutes for the police to arrive at the scene, as reported by the outlet.

During that time, Logan “made verbal threats to shoot the victims if they did not order food” or “if they called law enforcement,” according to comments by Judge Latrevia Kates-Johnson made at the suspect’s initial court hearing Tuesday, as reported by WBS-TV.

“The victims attempted to leave the property but due to Brandon Logan’s threats, and bodily movements acting as if he had a weapon, the victims felt as if they were being held hostage,” the judge said.

The reasons for the police response delay and the nature of the interaction between Logan and the news crew during those 90 minutes remain unclear.

“They were terrifying, bone-chilling messages. Things like, ‘We need help,’ ‘He’s gonna shoot,’” ANF anchor Allen Devlin told The New York Post.

Logan, identified in jail records as a transient, was apprehended at the location of the incident.

Authorities did not find a firearm upon his arrest. WANF-TV has confirmed that their journalists were not physically harmed during this distressing episode.

The TV station is still investigating “what took so long,” according to general manager Erik Schrader.

“What made this last seemingly a whole lot longer than it needed to last?” he wondered.

Logan’s bond was set at $11,000, with a preliminary hearing to be held on January 24.