Father SNAPS After Major Athlete Snubs Young Child

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

Patrick Mahomes, a two-time Super Bowl winner is one of the featured stars in “Quarterback” a new Netflix series. The series depicts the most recent football season and it includes references to Mahome’s role as a father.

Mahomes recently experienced a relatively awkward exchange after he declined to sign a young fan’s autograph while at the American Century Championship. Mahomes, who is often present at the celebrity golf event, had been asked to not sign as many autographs during one of the rounds. This is something that he informed a group of fans, telling them that because of the time he took when signing they did not want him to sign stuff during the event rounds.

Mahomes throughout the event always appeared to be willing to sign many autographs despite the disruptions to the pace of the play. However, his decision to stop signing things at the request of the organization did not bode well with one father who believed his son should be the exception.

When the young fan asked if he could have his jersey signed, the quarterback seemingly replied that he was not able to sign everyone’s things and make them happy.

The father responded by stating that he could make at least one kid happy, to which Mahomes then said that he would make 99 others sad.

Mahomes proceeded to return to the game play shortly after the exchange. Mahomes in a separate interview focused on how his team was ready to try for another Super Bowl championship arguing that all of them were motivated to do it.