Even Libs Are Fed Up With THIS! (videos)

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In striking evidence that the policy catastrophes caused by leftists are truly disastrous, even some of their kind are coming to their senses – as some progressives have now joined conservatives and law enforcement in asking the US Supreme Court to allow a crackdown on homeless camps.

Progressives, conservatives, and police groups have joined forces and filed more than two dozen amicus briefs with the Supreme Court since last month, insisting on a reversal in the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Johnson v. Grants Pass, which they say significantly curtailed cities’ ability to handle rising homeless populations.

The petitions outline how homeless camps are becoming significant issues in various states, National Review points out in a report.

Thus, in San Diego, they’ve become places of drug abuse with a rising threat of Hepatitis A. Sacramento faces threats of flooding as homeless individuals dig into the protective levees, endangering the entire city.

Parks in Apache Junction, Arizona, are filled with litter from homeless individuals, including used needles. Medford, Oregon’s Bear Creek is polluted with waste and toxic materials.

In a shocking turn, a homeless camp in Oregon has even transformed into a place for processing stolen car parts.

The Review notes that the increase in homeless camps is also linked to a rise in fires and drug-overdose deaths. Businesses around these areas are also suffering from a decline in customers. Sometimes, government employees even require police escorts to navigate these areas safely.

“Families can no longer walk the streets of Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle in safety,” state attorneys general commented, describing the dire conditions of the streets tainted with urine, feces, and needles. They also highlighted the growing presence of disease-carrying rats.

These conditions have sparked numerous legal filings urging the Supreme Court to reconsider the Johnson v. Grants Pass ruling.

This ruling had limited local governments’ power to enforce camping bans on many homeless people.

Arizona’s Republican leaders and California’s Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, have both voiced their concerns.

They argue that the ruling in the case has hindered their states’ efforts to manage the issue, exposing residents to crime and potential abuse.

Last year’s Johnson v. Grants Pass ruling followed another decision, Martin v. Boise, from 2018, stipulating homeless people without adequate shelter couldn’t be subjected to criminal anti-camping restrictions.