DeSantis Locks Down Florida

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

DeSantis is not playing any games.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis issued a stern warning to the migrants bused from Texas to Washington, D.C.: “Do not come to Florida. Life will not be easy for you.”

DeSantis’s warning follows reports that some of the 23 illegal immigrants bused to D.C. said they had plans to head to Miami.

On Wednesday (April 13), the bus full of migrants was unloaded a few feet from the U.S. Capitol. The group formed part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plans to resist federal immigration policies by transporting illegal immigrants taken to Texas border towns from those towns to Washington, D.C., and other states.

According to reports by Fox News, some of the migrants questioned what they planned to do next, shared ideas about taking a train down to Miami. Washington, D.C. was the final destination of the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) bus that transported them, meaning migrants who wanted to travel to other states would have to make their own way.

After the news broke about the migrants’ plans, DeSantis issued the following message to Fox News Digital: “To those who have entered the country illegally, fair warning: do not come to Florida. Life will not be easy for you, because we are obligated to uphold the immigration laws of this country, even if our federal government and others won’t.”

In the statement, DeSantis also says that “Florida is not a sanctuary state” and that the state’s “social programs are designed to serve the citizens of our state.”

The statement also called out the Biden administration for encouraging migrants to make “dangerous treks” that put them and their families “at great physical distress” and sometimes “putting [their] fate into the hands of dangerous coyotes and human traffickers.”

Instead, the governor’s office encouraged migrants to follow the “legal process to obtain full American citizenship” and reiterated that Florida will “uphold the law.”