DeSantis Getting Replaced As Governor?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Florida GOP Representative Byron Donalds is mulling over the possibility of running for the gubernatorial seat of Florida in 2026.

An individual close to Donalds verified to Fox News Digital his contemplation of vying for the state’s top position.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Donalds emphasized his current priority is supporting the return of former President Trump to the presidency, stating, “My main goal is ensuring Biden doesn’t get a second term. We can think about the next steps once President Trump is reinstated.”

On a recent Tuesday, while leading a crucial resolution in the House to prevent a federal shutdown, Donalds acknowledged he’s weighing a gubernatorial bid.

The representative has even hinted that if the former president approached him for the vice-presidential spot, he’d be on board.

Amidst this, there’s been speculation about another Florida Republican, Rep. Matt Gaetz, running for governor. But Gaetz quickly dismissed such talks on Tuesday, indicating his primary concern is backing Trump’s 2024 Presidential effort.

Speaking to Axios, Gaetz said, “Many past associates from my state legislative days have urged me to think about a return to Florida politics. But I’m not entertaining those discussions.”

If Donalds decides to run, it would be in 2026. By then, the incumbent governor, Ron DeSantis, cannot contest due to Florida’s constitutional limits.

The House is currently facing a deadline to approve Donalds’ resolution to stave off a government shutdown by the end of this month.

Most House Republicans agreed on the funding proposal during a recent weekend, but a few dissenters might impede its passage.

Among the dissenters is Gaetz, who has openly challenged the leadership of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from California. Nevertheless, McCarthy dismissed Gaetz’s challenges, suggesting at a GOP conference meeting the previous week that if Gaetz wishes to contest his position, he should officially move forward with it.

The proposed resolution aims to ensure funding continuity until October’s end while the House finalizes budget bills before the month’s close.