Dems Think THIS Is How To Win?!

( – In the face of mounting challenges as the 2024 presidential election approaches, Joe Biden and his Democratic allies are strategizing to reverse declining approval ratings.

According to The New York Times report, the Biden re-election campaign believes that increasing media focus on former President Donald Trump could be pivotal in regaining voter support.

Current polling data from several swing states and national surveys indicate Biden is trailing Trump with the election less than a year away. Party officials and the Biden campaign are convinced that amplifying media coverage of Trump could sway voters who have recently shifted their support away from Biden. They theorize that a constant reminder of Trump’s previous tenure might reignite concerns about the potential repercussions of his re-election.

Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of BlackPAC, an African-American political organizing group, shared her perspective on this strategy. She emphasized the necessity of reminding the public about Trump’s last term of presidency.

Shropshire said, “Not having the day-to-day chaos of Donald Trump in people’s faces certainly has an impact on how people are measuring the urgency of the danger of another Trump administration. It is important to remind people of what a total and absolute disaster Trump was.”

The Biden campaign claimed that some voters, particularly those who supported Biden in 2020 but are currently leaning toward Trump, are not fully updated on Trump’s recent activities.

Efforts to intensify media scrutiny of Trump are already underway. Jessica Floyd, executive director of the Hub Project, a leftwing organization, urged mainstream TV networks to focus on the negative aspects of Trump’s rallies.

The Biden campaign also encourages media outlets to reflect the type of coverage provided by leftwing sites, especially on issues they see as contentious, like Trump’s immigration policies.

Floyd further suggested that networks should contrast Trump’s coverage with Biden’s policies, particularly his economic investments.

Ben Wikler, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, claims that increased visibility of Trump and his policies would benefit Democrats in the upcoming election. He believes that what he sees as Trump’s “need for attention” could ultimately work in favor of the Democratic Party.