Democrats Try To Shut Down Major Protest

Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

Biden and the Democrats aren’t backing down.

To prevent possible disruptions on game-day, the Department of Homeland Security is sending 500 extra employees to southern California ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Addressing reporters on Friday, White Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the DHS was working alongside the Los Angeles Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and state and local authorities to combat possible COVID-19 vaccine mandate protests, similar to the ones being conducted by truckers in Canada.

She continued saying that the DHS was already “providing extensive air and maritime security resources” and would be sending additional staff to its “incident command post.”
Psaki told reporters that they had established close contact with Canadian counterparts, revealing that the Secretary of Transport is “deeply involved in this. And we’re working to address this on all fronts.”

Psaki went on to say that the Biden administration believes in peaceful protests but added that given the protesters’ purpose, the effort would have a “huge impact on workers and the American public.”

Her remarks come as the so-called “Freedom Convoy” was blocking traffic across the Ambassador Bridge for almost a week in a protest against vaccine mandates. The result of this action has led to plant closures and work stoppages in Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, as materials could not cross the border.

On Saturday, some protestors continued the bumper-to-bumper blockade at the Canadian border in defiance of a court order to clear the road.