Democrats Sink To All-Time Low

( – In a sign of how out of touch the Democrat Party is with even its most reliable supporters, a new poll finds that support for the party from black and Hispanic adults has hit an all-time low. This decline, highlighted in the latest Gallup findings, indicates a significant shift in political loyalty among these key demographics.

The gap in support among black adults for Democrats versus Republicans shrank from 66 percent in 2020 to 47 percent in 2023, according to the poll. This marks the lowest level of support since Gallup began tracking in 1999. Now, two-thirds of black adults still favor Democrats, a notable decrease, with 19 percent leaning toward Republicans.

Hispanics still lean towards the Democratic party but the difference is very small compared to other years with only a 12 percent difference. To be clear, 47 percent of Hispanics support the Democrats and 35 support the Republicans.

White voters seem to know what they want and that’s a Republican government as 54 percent of them support the “Elephants” and only 38 percent support the “Donkeys.”

Even if young voters still have preferences for the Democrats over the Republicans the difference right now is at an all-time low with a mere 8 percent difference.

Educated people also come into play here as there’s a 14-point difference between adults with and without college degrees and the uneducated sector being the ones supporting the Republicans.

According to the data Democrats should be worried about this.

“The data show the Democratic Party retaining advantages among people of color and young adults, but in 2023 it was in a weaker position among these groups than at any point in the past quarter century,” reads a press release from Gallup. “Democrats’ reduced support among Black and Hispanic adults should be especially concerning for the party, given Republicans’ continued strength among White adults, who remain the majority of the electorate.”

The poll reflects Joe Biden’s loss of support among minority groups. According to a USA Today/Suffolk University survey from January Biden’s support among blacks dropped from 87 percent in 2020 to 63 percent. His Hispanic support suffered a similar decline with 34 percent down from 65 percent just four years ago.