Democrats Reveal Their 2024 Strategy

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

Focusing on abortion access had proven to galvanize voters during the midterm elections, something Democrats hope to use that same aspect to galvanize Democrat voters and convince Independent voters to vote Democrat in 2024.

Following the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, Democrats and pro-choice advocates who campaigned on the premise that elected Republican officials would ban abortion had tremendous success.

Now that the midterms have come and gone, Democrats are convinced campaigning on the issue shouldn’t stop.

On a press call with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Senator Patty Murray emphasized the importance of women’s rights, particularly reproductive rights.

She acknowledged the presence of women voters in Democrats winning, saying that women “rose” to show that their rights are “essential” and that it was up to Democrats to protect those rights.

Murray then shared her belief that until Roe v Wade can be codified, abortion access will remain a primary campaigning issue.

The focus on abortion — and the wins it garnered — was also unexpected, given many pundits had predicted it wouldn’t be as important for voters, as issues like inflation had outranked it repeatedly in polls.

Exit polls by NBC News and CNN confirmed that abortion access was second to inflation, showcasing that abortion access was the number one issue for 27 percent of voters, topped only by inflation, received more than 30 percent support in both polls.

Christina Polizzi, communications director at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, reiterated that the economy and abortion were “top of mind for voters,” referring to “abortion rights” as an “economic issue.”