Democrats Panic, Bad News Coming

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

What could it be now?

According to Fox News Power Rankings, the GOP will take the House in the midterms.

The forecast is that Republicans will take 225 seats and Democrats will take 180, with 30 seats being toss-ups.

The GOP’s forty-five-seat lead could force Democrats to consider implementing a dramatic turnaround strategy to hold onto power.

Fox News’ “Power Ranking,” a prediction tool used by the outlet to ascertain who’ll walk away victorious during an election, has a much clearer picture of possible wins and losses now that redistricting and the majority of primaries are over.

According to the prediction, the GOP has already passed the 218-seat threshold needed to clinch the majority. But could increase its lead depending on how many “toss-up” races it wins.

The conservative estimate (225 seats) gives the GOP a seven-seat majority, but this majority could extend to 37-seats if the Republican Party wins all “toss-up” districts.

For Democrats, the scenarios are grimmer. A conservative estimate puts the party in a 38-seat deficit (180 seats), but even in a best-case scenario, the party remains in an eight-seat deficit (210 seats).

The forecast also breaks the confirmed seats into three categories: solid, likely, and lean.
But even when only counting solid districts, Republicans still hold a considerable lead over Democrats, clinching 192 seats compared to Democrats’ 141 seats.

One contributor to this grim outlook is President Joe Biden’s approval rating, which is at a dismal 33 percent, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll.

Biden’s influence has also weakened among Independent voters, with two-thirds abandoning support for the President.