Democrats Giving Your Tax Money To Who Now?!

Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash

California Democrats are going to be introducing unemployment benefits that would be applicable to workers on strike. The legislation is expected to come out within the following days and it will allow those workers who are on strike to benefit from the unemployment insurance program, which is currently $18 billion in debt.

This decision comes at a time when both actors and screenwriters have gone on strike together forcing TV show and movie productions to be paused. Rob Moutrie, the California Chamber of Commerce Policy Advocate who is against the legislation, told Fox News that individuals who are currently on strike are not actively trying to find work and they were not let go which would mean that they should have no claim to the benefits provided from unemployment insurance.

He added that those who are currently on strike are not experiencing the same things as those who have been let go without knowing why and who do not know how they are going to get their next paycheck. He argued that labor advocates were just trying to use the ongoing strikes to pass this policy proposal which they have been looking to push for the past few years.

He proceeded to state that many politicians are focused on the strike and they feel the need to either speak in favor of the strike or just support it. This has meant that there is a new level of political pressure that separates this situation from every other time before.