Democrats Get Desperate For Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Who would have expected this?

It has become apparent to almost everyone that Democrats have a slim chance of retaining their majority in both chambers following the midterm elections. But, despite the possibility of a shellacking, incumbent Democrats hope former President Donald Trump will be their saving grace.

Democrats have turned their attention to Trump’s endorsement of candidates in the GOP primaries that could cause Republicans to be saddled with plenty of losses in the general election.

But it’s not only his endorsement that’s giving Democrats hope but also his presence, which they hope will remain a powerful motivator for Democratic voters to show up at the ballot.

Democrats also hold out hope that the Jan. 6 riots — and the House select committee’s investigation of his involvement — will cast a shadow over the Republican party, one great enough to dampen support.

However, these Trump-centered hopes may be no match to what can only be described as a dismal year for Democrats. Failure to pass signature legislation, inflation, and a historical pattern that indicates the incumbent President’s party always loses the majority are the deck stacked against them.

Nevertheless, Democratic strategists are still hopeful; as Mark Longabaugh said in his column, “Trump could do the Democratic Party multiple favors all across the country, in terms of tilting the nomination to bizarro, unqualified candidates.”

Longabaugh added, “To the degree that he is out there endorsing clearly unqualified candidates just because they kiss his ring — some of them with pretty crazy ideas — I think that puts us in a position where we could hold on to seats that we might not otherwise be able to, because of the environment.”

But a strategy that relies on a former President’s potential slip-ups also indicates the desperate straits Democrats face, with little in the way of accomplishments or policy to feed voters.