Democrats Get Bad News

( – A new poll from one of the most historic polling firms in the United States has left Democrats reeling as it shows the voters the Democrat Party always takes for granted are drifting away.

Nearly 20 percentage point drop in the past three years in the preference for Democrats among Black and Hispanic adults. The preference among Black adults for the Democrats has decreased from 66 percent in 2020 to around 47 percent in 2023.

Two out of three Black adults still support the Democrats, yet 19 percent now support or identify as Republicans. The shift is not just among Black voters. Hispanic adults have also shown a decreased preference for Democrats, from a 28 percent lead in 2020 to just 12 points over Republicans in 2023.

Some sort of hope came in the form of people with college degrees who support the Democrats and will probably vote for Biden in his upcoming clash with Trump later this year.

A poll in December made things worse for the Democrats as it found that 1 in 5 Black voters would pick “someone else” over the main candidates from either party. Among Black voters, 63 percent supported Biden, 17 percent were for Trump, and 20 percent preferred another option.

Rep. James E. Clyburn tried to play down the loss of Black American support. He talked about Biden’s win in the South Carolina primary, where Biden got 96 percent of the vote. Clyburn said on CNN, “I think the answer is emphatic yes.”