Democrats Cook Up Ridiculous Gas Excuse

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

This is so ridiculous.

In an appearance on ABC News‘s “This Week,” former Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota downplayed rising gas prices under President Joe Biden. Instead, she suggested Americans getting “used to $2 gas” is the problem.

Guest host Jonathan Karl began the show by sharing results from an ABC poll, showing that the majority of Americans support Biden banning Russian oil following Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The poll also showed that many Americans also blamed Biden for soaring gas prices.

Suggesting the poll was ironic, Karl said, “Our new poll had some interesting numbers. First of all, it showed an overwhelming support for the ban on Russian oil. 77 Percent support it, even if it means the poll question, even if it means higher gas prices here at home.”

However, he then noted another question asked on the poll, “Take a look at this other question we asked, which is, ‘Biden’s handling of gas prices, do you approve?’ Seventy percent disapprove. So, in other words: ban Russian oil even if it means higher gas prices, but we’re going to blame Biden.”

Heitkamp, however, dismissed the poll’s results, saying voters “always blame the party in power” and suggesting it boiled down to poor White House communication, referencing the Keystone XL pipeline and inflation as things Americans falsely place blame on Biden.

Karl then pointed out how inflation started rising when Biden took office, putting a graphic on the screen that showed a “shocking increase” since February 10th’s average of $3.46 a gallon.

In response, Heitkamp said, “Can I just say that is an artificially low price you’re starting from, and when you do inflation adjustment, this isn’t the highest price we’ve had in the last 20 years.”

Heitkamp then shifted blame to Americans, saying, “we’re shocked because we got used to $2 gas, and that’s the problem!”

She then said that Americans should be blaming the Trump administration for government overspending, which contradicts another Democratic narrative made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier in the week, that government spending could not increase inflation.