Democrats Become America’s Biggest Enemies

Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash

A Rasmussen Reports poll released on Tuesday (December 27) revealed that Americans consider Democrats the country’s second greatest enemy after China, ranking the political party higher than Russia in the list ranking the U.S.’s greatest enemies.

The top five greatest enemies were China (25 percent), Democrats (22 percent), Russia (20 percent), and Republicans (17 percent). The fifth spot was taken by participants who were uncertain about who the country’s greatest enemy was (nine percent).

Only five percent of respondents believe North Korea is Americans greatest enemy, and two percent pointed to Iran.

More Republicans than Democrats believe the opposing party is the nation’s most significant enemy.

Thirty-three percent of Republicans believe Democrats are the U.S.’s biggest enemy, compared to 26 percent of Democrats who shared that view of Republicans.

More Independent voters believed Democrats were the country’s most preeminent enemy (21 percent), while a mere 18 percent felt the same way about Republicans.

In a similar survey Rasmussen Reports conducted in 2020, 24 percent of participants believed Joe Biden voters were the country’s greatest enemy. Donald Trump voters were blamed two percentage points less, with 22 percent of respondents believing those who voted for the former President were America’s number one enemy.

The poll conducted between December 19 and 21 didn’t include the option to declare the voter of any particular Presidential candidate a U.S. enemy.

Rasmussen Reports also carried out this most recent survey on a sample of 900 voters.