Democrat Governor Sends Critical Warning To Biden

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

According to Governor Gavin Newsom, California could reach breaking point when Title 42 ends later this month.

On Monday (December 12), Newsom expressed his grim prediction of a post-Title 42 California.

The California Governor noted that given the Trump-Era policy that enabled Migrants to be quickly expelled as a health measure to protect against COVID-19 outbreaks was ending; the state could “break.”

Newsom claimed the U.S. Government was dropping off more Migrants in California because the state is “taking care of folks.”

He added that as the state does more, “the burden is placed disproportionate on us,” emphasizing that California had already reached its capacity at its nine sites.

Newsom explained that the state was no longer in a position to fund the nine sites because of “budgetary pressures,” adding that unless California continues on an unsustainable route, “people will end up on the streets.”

The comments Newsom made on Monday, though shrouded in compassionate dialogue, are a stark contrast for a state and its leadership that have always championed expanding protections for illegal immigrants entering California.

The accommodating tone, which included enabling illegal immigrants to obtain a state ID and allowing illegal immigrants to access universal health care, is seemingly ending.

While Newsom warns of the impending doom post-Title 42, the Biden Administration is searching for a solution in the form of extra funding to support the border.

The actions the administration plans to take with the requested billions are unclear, but Newsom’s comments suggest there is very little confidence it will stem the endemic nature of migrant influxes.