Democrat Calls For Border Wall

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

While many Democrats have been vocal about their opposition to a wall being built on the Southern border, one prominent voice is dissenting: former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr.

Ford, who made the remarks on Fox News’s “The Five,” commented on building the wall after Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a busload of migrants to Philadelphia.

The bus carrying migrants departed on Tuesday (November 15), arriving at Amtrak’s 30th Street station on Wednesday.

Following the news that Abbott decided to add Philadelphia to a growing list of sanctuary cities the Texas Governor sends migrants to call attention to President Joe Biden’s border policies, Ford indicated his support for the border wall.

Ford told the panel that he had been a “proponent” of building the wall, despite receiving criticism from fellow Democrats.

His comments solicited cheers from the live studio audience.

However, the former lawmaker, who at one stage also represented Memphis in the lower chamber, noted that Republicans need to be open to alternative solutions that make immigration policies “uncomfortable for everyone.”

He pointed to Republicans’ unwillingness “to invest in a smart way in parts of this hemisphere,” noting that in other countries, the U.S. spends “trillions” to stabilize and bring peace but only spent “pennies” on immigration in the country.

Ford then shared that he believed the work visa system in the U.S. should be overhauled, highlighting foreign workers are critical to the U.S. economy.

Abbott’s decision to bus migrants to Philadelphia also solicited a reaction from the city’s Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney, who danced in celebration to the announcement of the city’s sanctuary status.

Kenney called out Abbott’s decision as “cruel and racist. ”

But the Texas Governor rebutted, pointing to the mayor having “long-celebrated and fought for sanctuary city status,” adding that made it the perfect addition “to Texas’ list of drop-off locations.”