Democrat Begs Red State To Stop Sending Migrants

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

On Sunday (April 30), Chicago’s outgoing Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, sent a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott asking him to stop sending busloads of immigrants to the Windy City over what she claims are political reasons.

In the fall, Abbott began sending migrant buses to

Chicago and other sanctuary cities, including Washington, D.C., and New York City, in response to a surge of migrants at the U.S. southern border.

However, Abbott has declared the transfers will continue until the federal government secures the border.

Lightfoot, who lost her reelection bid earlier this year, wrote in a letter that Chicago officials learned Texas plans to resume sending immigrants on Monday (May 1) and urged Abbott to reconsider what she described as a “dangerous and inhumane action.”

Lightfoot lamented that Chicago had to take responsibility for more than 8,000 people who didn’t have their own resources and had been arriving in the city from Texas since August last year, adding that the number of migrants continues to grow.

Lightfoot explained that nearly all of the migrants who arrived in Chicago were in “dire need of food, water, and clothing,” adding that many also required “extensive medical care.”

The outgoing Chicago Mayor also told Abboyy that some of the Migrants he sent were “women in active labor” and that some were “victims of sexual assault.”

She claimed that none of those urgent needs were met in Texas and that Abbott has transferred these “individuals and families” via bus, criticizing Abbiyy fit shopping off Migrants across the country like they were “freight.”

Lightfoot added that Chicago lacks the necessary shelters and other resources to deal with the city’s new immigrants.